charankanya on September 11th, 2008

Most, if not all, want to send their children to the “best” school possible.  If you are new in a place it is very difficult to find out what is the “best” school.  Also, with all the different education boards the choices are many.  Here I list two schools that I consider to be the best ICSE schools in Pune, India.  There is also a link that will give you a list of all the ICSE schools in Pune, India.

Currently there are 14 schools in Pune that have ICSE affiliation.  There would be other schools that follow an ICSE curriculum while they wait to recieve their affiliation, or that are too new to apply for affiliation as yet. (To view a list of all 14 schools, you can visit the ICSE website and click on “Locate a Council School” in the left corner.)

To be very honest, I don’t have first-hand information for some of these schools (and second-hand information is not always reliable.  So definitely do your own research as well).  However, based on my observations and research I have come to an opinion of what I consider the best ICSE schools in Pune.   My idea of a “best” school does not involve how many students get high percentages in the board exams.  I have a certain set of criteria that makes a school “best” for me.  Some of this criteria is (in random order of priority):

  • student-teacher ratio (actual, not what’s on a website or in some printed brochure.  No matter how good a teacher, s/he cannot be effective in a classroom of 50 kids.)
  • excellent teachers, who truly know their subject
  • schools open to innovative methods of teaching
  • teachers that nurture and care
  • children are respected (no capital punishment)

Unfortunately, a good many schools here have 45 or more kids to a classroom.  I have physically counted 50 kids per classroom in one school, and 60 kids per classroom in another.  (The Principals of both these schools had reassured me that there are no more than 40 children in each classroom since that is what the ICSE regulation is.)

Taking all this into consideration, I would consider St. Mary’s School and VIBGYOR High to be the best ICSE Schools in Pune.  St. Mary’s is excellent in academics, and for those of you looking for a very traditional school (the kind you probably went to) it is definitely the best.  VIBGYOR High is still awaiting ICSE affiliation, but it is definitely the best non-traditional school that follows an ICSE curriculum.

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  1. hi charankanya,
    hv found this blog only today…really good one. thanks for sharing such info. u shud keep writing :-).
    i hv shifted to pune 2 yrs ago after 7 yrs in oz. canrelate to ur posts. i am looking for a school for my daugter. can u pls tell me how has been ur experience/ or any new info on st marys & vibgyor. these are the 2 school i am considering for my daugter as well.

  2. Hello, Charankanya,

    First, I’d like to say I am very obliged to you for creating this site. As I research schools in Pune for my daughters ahead of a possible move to Pune, all the effort you’ve made to put together so much useful information has been extremely helpful to me.

    From my own research too, I find myself tending to St.Mary’s, Vibgyor and Vidya Valley (I prefer the ICSE/IGCSE option). I also recently learnt about another school called Aman Setu that has a very interesting approach too. Do you know it?

    May I ask you to share any recent information/opinion/experience you could add to what you’ve already written about some of these schools I’ve mentioned?

    FYI – We live in France for now and my daughters (they are completely bi-lingual/fluent in French as well as English) would require admission in the coming year in to Grades 5 and 1.

    The approach at Vibgyor sounds attractive in that it is probably closer to my daughters’s experience of school here, while St. Mary’s, being an established school and with it’s reputation for excellence in academics could well be the safe choice.

    I do mean to apply to most of the schools I’ve mentioned but I’d really appreciate any further inputs you could offer on them.

    many thanks.

    hope to hear from you.


  3. Wonderful, Precise, Accurate thanks a ton for this information.

    But few things to share with first the ICSE WEBSITE DOES NOT OPEN AND SECOND IS MY SON IS 4 YEARS OLD AND IS IN jr. kg now. i want to change the school. please advise how is st. mary’s boys school, st. vincent abhinav school
    u true opinion please. how to differ between icse, cbse, ssc board and if we decide on one stream why should one opt that stream

  4. We have recently moved to Pune from US and am looking for schools for my daughter. Does any one have input how to get admission in St Marys ?
    The office guys are not even ready to talk about admission or any other input. Gatekeeper wont even let you in campus.

  5. I am looking for a School for my kids, i stay in kothurud.

    Please advice me about Vibgyor Balewadi school.

    Thanks in advnace.

  6. Oakley Vale is a pre-primary school that is being developed into a full K-12 school. We are situated in Baner, Pune.

  7. My daughter is 1.9 yrs,i want to put her in pre-primary school.
    I am from convent school so i also want my child to avail the best academics.please suggest me good school.i have heard of St.Marry School but they take from 3+. so how about VIBGYOR.

  8. I stay in Dhankawadi area. I want to know more about Hume McHenry Schoool. how can I know about it?

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