charankanya on October 22nd, 2008

One of the biggest learning experiences for me was how to go about hiring a maid.  Over the months, I learned how to interview, the expectations to set and how to negotiate salaries.  While I was going through this learning curve, there were many frustrations….which made me feel like having maids is more of a nightmare than a luxury.  I am sharing this process with you, in the hope that your transition to living in India is fraught with fewer frustrations.  I welcome any suggestions/ideas/experiences that you would have had….hoping to make life a little easier for all the other readers.

The Process consists of :

1. Asking questions.

2. Setting Expectations.

3. Negotiating Salary.

In your final decision to hire, you must be your own judge of character.  Take into account their own appearance and how they talk.  Also remember, that most of them do understand english.  Till you establish loyalty, it’s safer to work on the assumption that they fabricate most of their stories and excuses. I will share my thoughts on these steps in subsequent articles.

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