charankanya on October 22nd, 2008

After you have asked all your questions and got some basic understanding about your prospective maid, you now need to share with her what your requirements are.  I am listing below what I normally tell them…you should add to or omit some of them as per your requirements.

  • Job description – typically what I expect of them.  I also tell them that this is in general….there may be small tasks not mentioned right now, but they can’t tell me that “it wasn’t discussed, so I won’t do it”.
  • Has to fill in for any absent staff.
  • Punctuality.
  • Has to inform at least 2 days (or whatever number of days works for you) before wanting leave. (Cannot tell today that she wants tomorrow off).
  • Has to call if not coming or if coming late.
  • Holiday / Leave policy: How many days off per month; Sunday are working days or not; when you are travelling will they get full pay or not, etc.

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