charankanya on November 10th, 2008

There will probably be some local mom-&-pop DVD/CD rental shop which will rent out the latest movies to you.  The problem with most of them is that the prints are pirated, and very often not of good quality.  The other issue with them is that since the DVD’s are pirated, they do not maintain a list of movies…..which makes it very difficult for someone like me who likes to browse through a list to figure out what to watch.

There are a couple of good places that I know of, which stock original prints. They require membership in order to be able to rent from them.  These places are:

BigFlix: This is similar to NetFlix.  You can become a member online, and they provide home delivery and pick-up services. They also have stores from which you can rent.  They have various membership plans, and seem to have a pretty good collection of movies.  You can find all the information on the BigFlix website. I have tried out their membership, and was quite impressed by how easy the whole process was.

Cinema Paradiso: Koregaon Park (North Main Road). Tel: (020) 6640 1640

CrazyTalkies: Another online DVD rental place. Don’t know much about this one.  It’s collection doesn’t appear to be as large as BigFlix, but it does seem to be cheaper than BigFlix.

Seventymm: Yet another online DVD rental place.  Not operational in Pune as yet, but available in other major cities.  Have heard good things about it from friends in other cities.

Videotron: Located off E-Street in Camp. Recommended by a friend. (Haven’t been there myself). Tel: (020) 2634 3111

If you know of any other places which have an excellent collection of original prints, please add it to the list.

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