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If you are planning to move to India, you must be trying to figure out what all you should take with you.  It is quite a stressful process trying to pack, to discard a lot of stuff you have accumulated over the years, or to put things in storage, as well as shopping for everything you want to bring with you.  When we moved to India a couple of years ago, we sold a lot of stuff, gave away lots of things, and just threw away many other things.  There a quite a few things I got rid off that I wish I hadn’t, and there are some things that I got with me which are not very useful over here. 

While you are planning what to put on Craig’s List, what to give away, and what to buy, here is my opinion on what Small Kitchen Appliances you should bring with you, and what you should buy once you get here.

Hand-Blenders: If you own one:  bring it if you use it often.  If you rarely use it, then don’t bother bringing it.  If you don’t own one, you can  buy it here.  They start at approx. Rs. 1000/- for your basic hand blender. 

Blender/Mixer: Buy it here if you own an inexpenive one. You get some really good ones (I recommend the Panasonic one), that cost about Rs. 3000 – Rs. 3500.  If you own an expensive one (such as Kitchen Aid), you might want to consider bringing it with you.  Just figure out the voltage conversion, so that you don’t burn the motor.  If you will be in India for just a few years and plan on going back, then keep your expensive blender in storage and buy one from here.

Juicer:  If you own one: if you use it, bring it.  If you rarely use it, but are plan on starting to then still bring it.  Just figure out the voltage conversions so that you don’t burn the motor.  If you don’t own one: There are fantastic juicers available here, from economical ones (starting price roughly Rs. 2000/-) to excellent expensive ones (Phillips HR 1861: approx. Rs. 8500/-)

Coffee Grinder:  If you own it, bring it. Definitely.  If you don’t own one, but enjoy good coffee, then buy one and bring it.

Food Processor: Don’t bring. Put it in storage if you will be going back after a few years.  I haven’t used mine even once in the two years I’ve been here.  The lifestyle here is such that you will more likely than not have domestic help, who is more likely than not going to spoil your appliance.  They are available here starting at Rs. 3000/- for your very basic one.  Mini choppers start at about Rs. 1500/-.

Hand Mixer: If you own it, bring it. If you don’t own one, but want one, buy a cheap one and bring it with you.  I had bought a cheap $10 (Hamilton Beach) hand mixer many years ago.  I use it occasionally, when I want to whip cream or make brownies.  It works very well here.  The ones available here would be more expensive.

Citrus Press: If you own one (and use it often), bring it.  Otherwise, don’t bother.

Rice Cooker: I’ve never used one, so cannot recommend.  If you own one, then check out the voltage requirements.  They’re available here between (approx) Rs. 2700/- and Rs. 3900/-.

Kettles: I’ve never used one, so cannot recommend.  They’re available here between (approx) Rs 1200/- and Rs. 3000/-.

Toaster Oven: If you own one that you are happy with, bring it.  If you find an inexpenisve one there, bring it with you (first figure out the voltatge requirements).  I do not like the ones here too much.  The few I’ve seen, I think they heat unevenly.  The starting price of the very basic toaster oven is about Rs. 2800/- and has no features.  The fanciest one costs about Rs. 6000/-, and there are many  models in between.  Also figure out how big your kitchen would be, and if you would really have place to put a toaster oven.

Pop-Up Toaster: If you own one that you are happy with it, bring it. Decent Pop-Up toasters start at approx. Rs. 1400/-.

If I’ve left out something that you want to know about feel free to leave a comment.  If you have recently moved, then please do share your experiences.

Disclaimer: Do check all electrical requirements for any appliances you are planning on bringing with you.  This article on Bringing and Using Electronic Devices In India might help you. All prices mentioned above were obtained from various brochures in Nov. 2008, and the prices may not be the same when you actually go to purchase.

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5 Responses to “Small (Kitchen) Appliances – Bring or Buy?”

  1. Hi Nice information.
    I have Coffee Grinder, Hand Mixer, and all other items that are usa compatable ,Do I need to buy seperate convertor for each item or I can manage with only one for all the kitchen appliances?

    I have some Pyrex bakeware ,corelle dinnerware, corningware set(serving bowls with lids), some stoneware it is microwaveproof, some nonstick bakeware, calphlon steel 12 piece set, I will be carrying some with me but rest I have to send it by cargo/ courier. Please suggest me what to bring and what is available in Indian Market.

    Bringing a Microfiber sofaset is it a good idea? I dont know about current furniture prices in india. We wont be bringing any bulky stuff so not going for container or so. Its new sofa purchased one year back.

    What about electronic stuff like games ,tv, gold etc.
    please advice ‘


  2. Hi Ashwini,
    Guess the move is really happening for you now. Did you figure out all the school stuff? For school information there is other good site that I recently came across: . It has web-sites and reviews of schools in the major metros.

    Regarding the convertor for the kitchen: One is enough. I strongly suggest that do not allow any of your maids to use your appliances, unless you want to shorten the life of your appliance. In that case, it becomes unlikely that you will use more than one appliance at the same time, therefore one converter is enough.

    EVERYTHING is available in Indian market – from cheap to expensive. The cheap ones don’t last very long, are not quite worth it. If you already own all these items, bring them with you (even if they are old). Corning, Pyrex, etc.. is more expensive here than in the U.S. Good quality (Caplphalon, Kitchen-Aid, etc) nonstick, is generally not available. Strongly recommend: Bring everything (between carrying with you and cargo/courier).

    What to carry with you: Think through the minimum items you need for your cooking and eating requirements for one meal. (your maid can washed everything after each use). Figure out if there is anything you can borrow from family/friends for the few weeks/months that it takes for your cargo to arrive. Most should be able to spare some.

    I have a microfiber sofaset. It has lasted wonderfully. I haven’t seen any microfiber sofas in local stores here. If it is fairly new (and good quality – expensive), I would recommend to bring it with you. Will you be doing a TR? If yes, then there shouldn’t be any duty on it, just your shipping costs. Just make sure it will fit in your home over here. (A lot of US sofasets tend to be BIG). Current furniture prices depend a lot on the size, type and material.

    General rule of thumb: If it is imported, it is more expensive – almost double the price.

    For electronic stuff refer to: http://www.survivorsguideindia.....-in-india/

    Good Luck with the move.

  3. Thanks CK ,So many questions in my mind. Can I get the converter in India? If not where to buy in nj? Is there any way I can send you Private Message? We have contacted vibgyor and waiting for our departure date to be decided by the office. We are trying to sell our car first. Thanks for zeeksha. I am and will be the “House Governer” for next couple of years so everything will be in my hand. Big worry is kids travelling almost 15 kms back and forth daily. I am very simple not worried for house work but security of my kids is the priority. Please give me your other contact if possible. Thanks for your precious help.

  4. Totally agreed, although few thing are debatable (btw, is there anyway I can subsribe to your content updates, like a RSS feed or something, tnx).

  5. Hi,

    I am planning to buy hand mixer in USA & use in India…. But it has 220 to 290watts.
    I was confused… Which one I can use without adapter?

    U have mentioned u r using hamilton beach hand mixer ($10) in India…

    Please suggest me which one can I buy? And let me know which one u r using now?


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