charankanya on January 19th, 2009

If your child is in an IB school or you are considering putting your child in an IB school, you MUST read this. In my opinion, IB Schools in Pune are probably one of the biggest scams around.  The IB affiliation by the International Baccalaureate Organization is offered for three different programmes:

  •  PYP (Primary Years Program):  roughly upto grade 6
  • MYP (Middle Years Program): roughly grades 7-10
  • DP (Diploma Program): usually grades 11-12

Currently, in Pune there is only one school that has obtained IB affiliation for all the three programs: PYP, MP and DP.

All the other schools, have obtained IB affiliation for any one of the programs, the majority being the DP program.  A couple of schools, have IB affiliation for the PYP program.  But as of today, there is NO OTHER school in Pune that has IB affiliation for the MYP program.  However, they still call themselves IB schools.  So what curriculum do these schools follow when the children enter Middle School? It usually is IGCSE.  However, many parents think that because their child is in an IB school, he/she is studying the IB curriculum, little realising that in grade 10 their child will be appearing for an IGCSE examination.

Why do I consider this to be a big scam?  Because, once getting IB affiliation for, say the PYP years, the school calls itself an IB School, and starts charging a fee structure equivalent to IB schools – which on the conservative side is Rs. 2 lakhs a year.  Compared to this, the average (conservative) fee structure for IGCSE schools is about Rs. 70 thousand a year.  So, even if the child is studying an IGCSE curriculum in the higher grades, the parents are still paying hefty IB fees.

Of course, some of you reading this might say that these IB schools are pursuing IB affiliation for the remaining grade levels, and it takes some time to get this affiliation.  Did you know, that one very prominent and well known IB school in Pune has recently announced that they are no longer going to pursue IB affiliation for the MYP program, and are only going to follow an IGCSE curriculum for the higher grades?  The parents sending kids to this school, asked for a reduction in fees comparable to IGCSE levels, and so far the school has refused.  Time will tell, if parents will be able to put enough pressure on the school to reduce the fees that are currently over 2 lakhs.  And what do you say to a parent of a child in grade 9, who has been paying ridiculously high fees for the last many years in pursuit of an IB education? 

Bottom line: if you are considering an IB school, be sure you know what you’re going to be paying for.

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