If Your’e Coming Home Again” is a well written, interesting article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal recently.   Mr. Sheth writes that: 

But is India really the land of opportunity for its returnees? Undoubtedly, there’s opportunity. But here are a few thoughts and suggestions that potential returnees should be aware of before they book their tickets. 

While Mr. Sheth gets a lot of things right, there are a few that I disagree with.

Schools are definitely changing. Newer schools with different philosophies are coming up in almost every metropolitan city.  While electricity cuts are more the norm rather than the exception, generator back ups and inverters are readily available, so one can have electiricy 24/7 if you so choose to.    I also feel that Mr. Sheth generalises a bit too much on the experiences with landlords, waiters and others.  Human nature is pretty much the same the world over….you will find the good and the not so good….everywhere.

For those of you who are coming home again…..give yourself atleast 2 years.  Any new venture has an incubation period.  Give yourself that much time before passing judgement on India and it’s people.  The culture shock definitely exists.  The frustrations and annoyances are very real.  But once you get past that (which takes time)…you will see the beauty of this lovely and vibrant country.

I would love to have you share your experiences whether you have been here many years or have just recently come home again.

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