What are the pros and cons of moving to India, versus staying in the U.S. (or some other country)? This question was debated so many times by my friends and I (when I was deciding to move). It still continues to be debated now by my friends who are themselves thinking about moving.  “What is the best place to raise children?” seems to be the biggest question.  I would like to invite you all to share/contriute your opinion on the advantages of raising children in India or in another country.  I think it would definitely help many who are not sure whether moving to India is the right decision or not.  I especially would stronly urge those of you who have lived in another country, moved to India for a few years and then moved back to the other country to please share your experiences/views about bringing up kids.

Here are my two cents worth:

Advantagaes of Raising Children In India (not in any order of priority):

1. Since I live in an apartment, there are so many children who are playing downstairs everyday.  Kids have the independence to just go and play with their friends.  No need to have organized play dates.

2. Building a close bond with cousins, grandparents and other family members, which was difficult to do while we lived in the U.S.

3. Since they see so many people who are less-priviledged than them, a sense of appreciation and a desire to waste less gets a strong foundation.

Advantages Of Raising Children In U.S.

1. Access to excellent and immediate medical care, especially in case of emergencies.

2. Access to vast resources, especially the libraries.

3. Well structred sports programs & other activities available in school itself.

These are some of the advantages.  Please do share your opinions/ideas as well.   There are especially the issues of culture (partying, dating, smoking, drugs, etc) and of  education.  Looking forward to an active discussion.

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38 Responses to “Advantages Of Raising Children in India v/s Advantages Of Raising Children In Other Countries”

  1. Surekha Patole / California
    May 23rd, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Hi charankanya,

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply.
    I was very depressed, and tensed due to many reasons but your few lines of information gave me a booster.
    I am very much concern about girls growing in US culture and education system.
    Reasons I worry about :
    1. Ratio of Indians in one class , and problem is other kids get comfortable with their groups. and most of the time our kid will be left out.
    2. Child gets comments on lunch tiffin (Indian food spices fragrance)?
    3. 5th 6th graders mind well about there dress code and branded clothes .( or they will be called nud)
    4. Hair style, language Pronunciation,color difference matters.
    5. Song,Dance,music,sports, movie, selection and difference in group.
    6. Festivals, different “day’s” Celebration procedure,difference of importance and reasons, compair to Indian traditional ways and reasons.
    7. If you are sudden sick you will have to wait for appointment which will be one week later.. by the time one can get serious, and in emergency,wait for hours and hours for Doctor’s visit,costly dental treatment.
    8. To Provide extra enrichment programmes to kids are highly costly, to balance on one man’s salary.
    9. Kids get more attracted to fashion and style. instead of focusing studies.
    10. Teachers can not force students, teacher does not get respect from other kids some time. Mostly child do not get encouragement for competitions as teacher say’s its up to you. and others do not show much interest due to lack of parents support from home . This environment affects on sincere students too.
    11. On H4 visa can not get job. On L2 visa can work but will have to spend money on courses to get good job.which are very high fees.
    12. Day care’s are costly and virus container.

    Incidence :
    1. In PTA function, there also all other parents make their own group. We tried to talk but that was just formal talk and then again we were left out.As others we did not had fun,sport,TV talk show gossip topics to enjoy but we tried our best.
    2. In California my daughter is only Indian in class. she faces group problem.bad experiance, she tried to make her friends but others do trouble.(lot of incidents) she took long time to adjust.her teacher was good.
    3. My friends went for bally class in school. There in school premises 13 -14 years students were openly doing romance.My friend with kids was waiting outside the restroom but few teen age studen’s went before them inside restroom and didn’t came out for long and after long time they came out screaming and was doing hi 5 to their out side friends. Small kids watching this was shame.

    There may be more things other parents also experiencing.

    Reasons we compair in US are:
    1. Husband has good Job,Salary, carrier,opportunity,development, appreciation and value of hard work.
    2. Kids are small so good and adjustable flexible time to accept changes of place as per software project work.
    3. Can visit international places and wonders of world.
    4. Comfortable immediate reliable social service.(police,Fire fighter,Animal rescue,Hospitals)
    5. Source of Books,Library.
    6. Beautiful, maintained parks,Road,public premises.
    7. Technology ideas. Science practical developments.
    8. volunteer option in many field, to learn awareness of social work’s importance and implement discipline.
    9. I did medical assistants part time job in boston, hard work was appreciated, It was good 5 months experience. but faced problems too.
    10. Freedom of many thing , as no Gender difference for many work responsibilities.with no conditions.

    All parents pl share your smart tips and ideas? how we can make our kids understand about Indian Values which we always care about And Culture which we want our kids should feel proud of.
    I would like to know now for 6th grade onwards How different is study patterns in India compare to US?
    Which is right place for kids to get more exposure to studies. with
    balancing above mentioned problems?

    Reason to think about US citizenship/go back to Inida is :
    Many parents says Higher education is very good in US. and great value and appreciation for hard work, less population no kick- back’s for degree’s.
    Now more % of immigrants from all over shifting to US for better education, and citizenship.
    In my case Now we have opportunity to stay and get citizen ship. For citizen’s education fees are comparatively less.I am not sure how other way it is beneficial.

    My daughter she wants to stay here just because here they have more PE hours and no study stress,practical way of learning,interesting Out door ED programme. (she is uncertain).
    Me and my husband always liked in India as our parents,friends,relatives are there and we have good identity there.we would like to live our senior citizenship there.
    But Just to make our kids way easy from discomfort, struggle,competition,corruption,unsecured,unreliable,kind of problems in India.
    We think atleast when they will be matured they will have option in front of them.

    So we thought that my husband can continue Job in US to keep his GC valid. and then he can apply for citizenship after conditioned years of stay in US. and I can stay in India and continue kids school, take care of grandparents. and can travel in between years to US with kids only in Indian summer vacation.
    We are gathering more information about this situation will work or not. if you know please let us know.
    If you would have same problem what will be your opinion and decision?.

  2. Hi Charankanya/ Surekha,
    we moved back here 6 months back with 13 & 7 yr old daughters from NJ. My kids doesn’t miss US. Now they are very happy here going in ICSE school, have so many friends and doing good in studies. I was in touch with charankanya back in february 09. Her tips and information was really helpfull and appriciated. Thanks CK. we came back after spending more than eight yrs in singapore and Usa. We were in process of getting GC and had singapore permenant residency card. we bought good aparment, kids are with their dear ones, have kids around just like them to play and share so less peer pressure, they dont want to go back to usa. My elder daughters grades are not much high as she expects but teachers are very co operative and she is very sincere in studies so I worry less. we dont think much about our life is usa and discomfort in india much. at the end of the day we are happy and we dont find any time to get bored or miss anything. keep writing then.
    Thanks to charankanya again

  3. Hi Yugandhara,
    Welcome back to India. Glad to hear that you and your girls have settled down well. Curious to know which school you finally chose for your kids (& why). Would also love to hear about any moving experiences (do’s or don’ts, etc..) that you would like to share.


  4. Hi CK, We came back in May. My kids are in Vidya valley and are very happy. We shipped around 25 boxes and it reached here in Mid August. Everything was in good condition and we paid some custom duty according to the list. They didnt open any box. Sometime I regret about not shipping my sofa but them the shipping cost was a big factor so we are fine with it. We were in two countries in last 9 yrs and didnt buy any property. We have singapore residency but not planning to go there as spore is very very small place/city. Sometime I worry for my kids future education but its future we never know what will happen. School is good, we bought an apt. waiting to shift there, kids are happy and doing fine. I will write again bye for now
    ashwini/ yugandhara

  5. Charankanya,

    Great blog. I really appreciate the wide range of topics you have discussed. We are planning to return from US to India in May 2010 and settle down in Pune. We are specifically considering Baner area.

    We have heard good things about Vidya Valley and are hoping to get our son enrolled there in 4th std. starting next academic year. Could you share some details about the admission process at Vidya Valley?
    Which other schools did you consider?


  6. Thanks Sameer. Good luck with the move.


  7. Hi Sameer, aren’t you concerned about how your son will cope up with Hindi? We are also moving back to India, my son will take the admission for 4th Gr. The only thing I am concerned about is languages.Is anybody out there can share their experiences moving with older kids and how they perform in languages or how long it takes for them to be good and if schools gives these kids any concessions in examinations etc. Please help.
    Charankaya, how old were your kids when you moved to India?

  8. @Seema,

    Yes we are sure he will have a tough time coping up with Hindi. However, we are hoping that a year will be enough for him to pick it up. There are a few things we have been doing to try and minimize the impact. We have been teaching him basic Marathi – devnagari – script (reading and writing). We also have been reading to him basic Hindi to expand his vocabulary. Of course, even with this I think he is going to be way behind in Hindi as well as Marathi as far as reading and writing go.


  9. Hi Sameer, I just talked to someone who took their children to India at ages 9 and 5, from Banglore and the response was good that children learned kannada, Hindi, surprisingly his son came 1st in Sanskrit. It took one year for them but they are so good now, no problem at all. It eased my tension a lot.

  10. There is so much on my mind…i do not know where to begin. We have moving back to india on our mind forever and now we are at the point that we might want to do it in a year or so.
    The reasons for the move are
    1. To be closer to family, aging parents
    2. To inbibe indianness in our kids..age 5-1/2boy and 1-1/2girl.
    3. We also worry of how the kids in the US are indifferent to their parents and rather disconnected when they are older.

    The things that tend to hold us back are –
    1. The rat race school/education system. I hate to have my kids deal with the aggressive competition and to have to give in to the system of trying to win rather than enjoying and learning process.
    2. The extremely corrupt govt/private systems. Bad roads, pollution…i worry that these are going to be the only things we would talk about at the dinner table everyday. And end up tired and frustrated. Even though, i understand it is an attitude thing, but it does penetrate everyday small joys..
    3.The metro in india are fairly western and for that matter aping the west blindly…the influence on the kids and their getting into the trap of sex/drugs etc etc…Atleast in the US, we know how the kids function and we can have open conversations and good guidance. The secret from parents is what i fear.
    4. The hypocracy of the society…the cpmparison and the show off attitudes.
    5. The growing costs.
    6.Hard to find reliable help at home

    My thoughts are of moving to india to a smaller town..not small town but level two..unlike the typical bangalore/pune kind of place. Maybe mysore, ahmedabad or similar. WHich would address some of my concerns. Any thoughts on that would be a huge help.

    I am very confused at this point. We are at the point where we wanna make a decision, one way or the other, soon. I need a lot of help and input on all the points listed above and it will be greatly appreciated.

  11. Hello ,

    Me and my hubby is having opprortunity to work out of US LA . My son is 13 years of age now.Studying in 8th std.Is it advisable to shift him from Indian education system (CBSE) to US ?. I am in big delima ! pls advise.

  12. We moved to Gandhinagar, Gujarat approximately 9 months ago after living in Sydney for 9 years. Luckily, our daughter is young, she’ll be 5 in March. As both my husband (although Bengali) and I are from Pune so settling in g’ngr was slightly tough. My daughter initially had langauge problems as she knew marathi and ‘aussie’ but she picked up hindi in abt 4 mths and now she loves it here.

    i also had to make a lot of adujstments – i was a working mom in sydney as the child care facilities were really good and i didn’t feel any guilt in sending my daughter to one there but here there is no concept of child-care / after care. the alternative is to keep a full-time maid which i think defeats the purpose.

    it was also difficult to make social contact but there are always ways. i enrolled my daughter in skating classes where she has made friends and so have i.

    all in all, i think once you make up your mind, just do it – the more you think, it becomes more difficult….

  13. We all have an idea of what a model parent is and what childhood should be like. Most of the time this opinions is based on our experience growing up in India. Thus I feel the biggest advantage of raising kids in India is that we can create an atmosphere which seems natural to us(from our childhood experiences) and in this way be able to relate to our children better. This will also prevent us from unfairly raising barriers that seem misplaced in a foreign society.
    Some other reasons I find I don’t want to raise my kids here :
    1. The outward looking materialistic/consumeristic nature of life here.
    2. The tendency of Americans to perennially market themselves – the “I/me/myself” talk – beginning right from childhood.
    3. The fixation with outward appearance.
    4. The organized play time kids have here. I don’t see kids playing on the streets – its all community and private hockey, soccer leagues.
    5. The world-less view of the education and the thought that the world is their inheritance.
    6. The unstructured nature of education – u do what u like and everybody wins.
    7. Formation of groups based on race/nationality thus making immigrant children feel they are different/inferior.

    Will update when i think of more

  14. Yugandhara,

    Hi! may I know which place in India did you move to? I have a 13 and a 8year old.not able to decide on the schools.


  15. Hi,
    We would be shifting to Pune in April 2010.I would be considering Vidya valley and St Mary’s for my daughter entering 3rd grade.I was wondering do these schools require transfer certificate,and what other documents…from her school in US?How is Vidya valley?Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

  16. Hi;

    Looking for some advices from all of you:

    Due to project reasons , I have to move to UK.I have a school going kid and he goes to Standard IV here in India.He is doing good in his classes.

    How would be the hassles/challenges for him to get educated there in his primary school time? We have plan to come back before he goes to class 7 ( equivalent ) in India again..What are the possible effects – both pros and cons?

    Looking for advices.

  17. Thank you all for sharing the experiences. I am in the same dilemma. what to do. Go back to India or stay in US and my worry is little different so may be some of you can advice.

    we have a 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son. I am trying to decide if i want my children get into US system. We live in LA and honestly i have seen Indian / Pakistani kids who grew up here in both the extremes. Desi Kids completely westernized and Desi kids who are probably more traditional than what you see back home.
    LA especially our Area has a large Desi community so you feel home expect that you don’t have your parents,relatives and friends.

    we recently spend almost a year in India and what i saw was kids (meaning teens) are getting westernized on a fast track. I am not sure how the Indian culture will be in the next 10-20 years because everything is changing so fast. What if it turns out to be just like here by the time our kids grow up.

    Needless to say I am very confused and appreciate a discussion.

  18. I was brought up in Germany

    Born during the war on 1943.

    Very poor family. But my mother (father was in war) detected my technical talents and gave me some technical things to play with – like an broken watch with all this interesting tooth-wheels. Later, I got excellent technical construction materials like MECHANO.

    I am talking about the private culture of rising children in Germany.

    So my mother founded the basics for my later carrier: I became an very happy and creative engineer (all by self-studies).

    This experience was the motivation, to create the project http://www.EDEJU.de, first in the Ivory-Coast, then in Germany.

    So it’s very interesting to look round the world – and to adopt best methods to bringing up children – by private initiatives – independent of that, what happens in governmental or other schools.

    Wolfgang Helmeth

  19. I am debating about this subject in my mind for a long time. My son is in 8th grade and is part of accelerated program. He is doing very good in school and visits his grandparents/relatives each year. . My concerns are:

    1. if I move back to India he will be appearing so called “important” 10th and 12th grade exams and not knowing languages could be a great hurdle for him to get good points and eventually good schools or even may be field of interest. He does not know how to read or write hindi/marathi

    2.The exam system over there is completely different than the one in US (long answers/essay type questions). Also I know the education in India is more based upon “knowing” things than understanding.

    3.I am worried that he won’t get the opportunity/support he deserve only because he was not brought up in different system from the beginning.

    Let me know your thoughts. Have any of you want to send your kids back eventually to US for higher education?

  20. All

    Now that one year has passed and atleast few people must have moved back to India, tell me how its going. Was there any moment you have/had repented about the decision. I am sure you must have. Share your experiences, esp. regarding Kids more than 12 year olds, Schools, coping with Indian way of education etc by the kids.

  21. Hi Guys,

    Saw all your comments. Its all about deciding our priorities. As parents, we are born and grown up in India. We have relocated to US and other countries for job related reasons. Since we are grown up in India, our inclination is towards indianization.

    On the other hands our kids are born in India / USA and from their very childhood they are used to US culture predominantly.

    So we are now going to decide on the children on what they have to adopt. Is this reasonable? If you are forcing something on them, may be force on them before they are 8 years or so. After that it may be difficult for them to adjust. Since they are grown up in USA, their inclination will be towards USA only. Do you like to force them to go back to India?
    Let them grow up in USA only. They and their kids will never have a confusion like we do have, as they are grown up in USA.

    Leave them in USA and you keep visiting India as you have sentimental attachement to India.

    Everything is confused only for this generation as you belongs to 2 countries where as Kids will not have confusion as they belongs to USA only.

  22. So I have lived in U.S. since I was 8 now I like someone in India and I am wanting to potentially move there because the guy doesn’t want to move here. I am stuck in the dilemma that will I be able to live my life there. I am very India at heart. Enjoy all the Indian culture. Enjoy the social life when I go back to India. Don’t really have any complaints about the traffic, pollution, traveling, but it is just confusing about spending the next 50 years of my life. I work here and I am pharmacist. I am not worried that I won’t get a job there. I can easily find a job in India. The guy and I are definitely taking things slow as I have to make the final decision and leave everything here and go back to India.

    I wanted to know if someone can adivse me a little on their opinion.

  23. Hello All,
    It is a very confusing decision. What we are not able to decide is, should we be selfish? or not? i.e think only about ourselves and not abt our kids in USA nor parents in India but as our conciousness will not be happy if we do that…But one thing for sure we cannot make everyone happy which includes ourselves. It is a scarificial decision.

    We have two daughter 4 yr, son 21 mo…so, I don’t know much how kids are treated at schools yet. But yes, I surely how much freedom I had at work, and how fair people are here. After working for 6 yrs, staying home to take care of kids..I gave up career for 2 yrs now.
    So, now living on one salary, GC is still in process..It has been 10 yrs we came to USA as students…but still thriving hard.

    Now, we got to make this confused decision as my father in law is not healthy in India…Our parents and in laws both say to stay back there because of good quality life than in India. but is it fair to leave parents like this at this old age? Yeah, if you have a big family and if someone else is there to take care of them..yeah you can visit them once in a while…but if you are close family…then its hard decision.

    I agree with Ram’s post here…but though we raise our kids here in USA…if they think to move to Europe for higher education or change of place for job reasons, then they are also confused about such thing again…

    I agree it is hard to judge who is our priorities..either way we have to accept criticism from one or another..

  24. First, I would like to mention that I am a very proud Indian. But still I am in the same confusion – my husband wants to go back to India – to be close to family – I really appreciate his feelings and concern. But looking back to me and my 3 ½ year old son, I feel like this is not the right decision. Here I have a full time job (9 to 6) and my son goes to daycare (which has pre-k) since 2 months old. Thanks to the system, I feel absolutely safe and comfortable while leaving him in his school (that is what they called their daycare). It loves reading. He is learning in his own pace – I can see him growing without any pressure of having rat race for future. So learning is a fun to him. He also goes to Kumon and is doing very well.

    I had a good career in India before I relocate to US to join my husband. When I moved here I got my MBA degree here and re-established my career – it was hard but not difficult that time since we have no kid then. I can work as may hours as I need to. After my baby, I wanted to slow down myself and concentrate more on him and family and restrict myself only 9 – 6 job but still I have a good career.

    If I go back to India now, I have to give up my career, which was my parents’ dream, just because I cannot rely on any maid for my son. His mental/ psychological development will be hindered which is absolutely no-no to me. Another concern that he will lose his learning fun and will only grab some bookish knowledge like us and probably will never ask ‘why’ for anything and everything.

    I am so so much confused and depressed – I don’t know which path is right.

  25. hi all.I am mother of 2 daughters 13 yrs and 6 yrs.especially to mention that my elder one is bit difficult to keep on track.At present i am in chandigarh with my daughters and working in the same school where my kids are and my husband works in NOIDA.my husband is IT manager .he often visits USA.He comes home on weakends if in INDIA. otherwise he is abroad.I feel now that kids are growing and it is becoming harder day by day for me to handle ,we all should stay together.At present my husband is working in Noida.At the same time he has option to settle in Singapore or USA.i am in big confusion where should we move.to noida,to singapore or to usa.i think at this age when we are touching 40 ,we should be more concerned about our kids future than ours.please advise me.

  26. Meenu:
    Your kids futures will be what they make of it, no matter which country you go to.

    Yes, its important for the family to stay together when kids are growing up – for kids as well as parents. Kids grow up far too quickly, and will be out of the house before you know it.

    However, equally important is the quality of time spent with your daughters. Figure out in each scenario how much quality time your husband & daughters will be able to give each other.

  27. Hi guys

    I did post a reply almost 1.5 years ago and still maintain that don’t think too much. You will be amazed at the capability that your kids have to adapt to any new place and culture with a little support from the parents. I guess it is easier said than done and maybe I had an advantage as we moved around India (studied in 8 different schools by the time I did my 12th) as Dad was in the Army. India has progressed a lot in terms of basic infrastructure but there are certainly a lot of areas where it can do better.

    The issue here is work-life balance as the work culture is still more of how much time you spend on work rather than output and due considerations for child-care responsibilities is not so easily recognized. This is more true where both parents have successful careers. The other issue is that of choosing an appropriate school – metros certainly have more diverse range to choose from but tier 2 citis you are pretty much stuck with very limited range.

    But believe me if you are open minded and think positive, settling anywhere is not a problem.


  28. The US educational system is pretty backward. What I learned in 7th grade in the CBSE system was taught in the 9th grade (high school) in the American system. Due to this most 1st year US college courses are equivalent to 11-12th grade system of the Indian level.

  29. We just moved to India around 9 months back to Hyd.We stayed almost 12 years in US.WE have kids ages 10 and 5.Stayed in silicon valley where it was like mini India and good schools with various cultures.
    It was good experience as we did not feel much home sick.
    We left India due to lack of some Job and finicial crises.
    It was not a planned one.
    Initally My kids had very tough time going to school.They had so many subjects including Hindi and Telugu.They had really tough time to understand what was going on with them.I felt so sad and guilty that I bought them where everything looked up-side down to them.
    I put them in regular school( not the Hype International schools)and shockingly they had coming out so well that even they can read and write the languages.The pressure from the teachers make the children learn everything there.
    WE stay in Apt where our parents also stay and I am very happy to say that my kids are brought up in front of thier grand-parents and are free to go out and play.
    Even I am very happy to stay with them who are big moral support for us.They enjoy the festivals where they missed in USA.
    One thing for sure is make some savings and go as the cost of living is not that easy to handle there also.
    Coming to Medical issues ,if we have a family doctor take adavantage of that.The family doctor will be the one who can guide and lead to good doctors and diagnosis.In this way we can be in safe hands.
    So try to have one from take refferences from your freinds or relatives.
    Dont compare the life in India and US.In US we are very independent and in India we have to depend on some one for a while to trust the system.
    On whole We are very happy to be in India

  30. Hi

    I saw this blog today as i was searching for school information in Pune. Great information and thoughts have been shared by all. Keep this going. Actually I am in the same situation like most of the poeple who have shared their thoughts. I am in the process of relocating to India from US, in the summer and i am trying to find out good school -ICSE or IB curiculum for my son who will be going to 2nd grade. I would really appreciate if anyone could provide me information of good schools in Hinjewadi, Baner, Balewadi area. I am also concerned about the language issue in the schools and if any help would be provided to kids to cope up. Also what is the teacher student ratio in the schools. Above all, would there be a need to pay extra donation to get admissions being an NRI.



  31. Hi all,
    I read all comments, concerns, worries. All the topics are covered in here. Actually we all are in the same boat. I get strength after knowing that all of us have the same concerns and worries about moving back to India.

    I have one query which I could not find. We have GC and 4-5 years to go for citizenship. my kids are 13 yr and 7yr. We can not wait so long for Citizenship. If we move back now, we will not be able to maintain GC. I wanted to know is there anyone in this blog who is trying to maintain GC in USA and living in India. Or someone knows about it. please guide us.

    Second thing is that, how should I chose for kids between ICSE/CBSE/IB… which should help them to face all competition exams, IIT exams etc in future?

  32. I would appreciate if someone could advise me if a child lags behind other children of the same age group after returning back to India from US? Since schooling in US starts at 5+ and in India, it starts at 3+. Moreover, in India a child has to study hindi. How do children cope up with these changes?

  33. Hi Yugadhara ,
    I have read u blog ,u said that u r kids r going to vidya valley sch, I’m presently in us,planning to move back to India.. Was looking for the schools near baner Pune,would u be able to help me sharing u r exp ….I’m worried abt my elder son who is in 5th grade.

    Sent from my iPad

  34. please dont raise your daughters in US , because it is very likely they will be pregnant before even they hit 18. It is scary but true fact

  35. Hi,

    pls let me know how safe is USA for kids, I have 2 daughters one is 6yrs and another 3yrs. we are shifting to USA because of my husband job.

    kindly guide me whether we can settle in USA or to come back to India, if we need to come back when we need to come back after how many yrs.


  36. Hi,

    It has been a wonderful experience reading all comments. The kind of deliberation on this topic is exhaustive and certainly helps.

    Hopefully I will know what to do based on the above.

  37. I have been living in USA for past 15 years and have 2 daughters aged 7 and 4. Thinking of moving back to India – Bangalore as I have my family there. Recently visited Bangalore and Hyderabad and spoke to few of my cousins. The education system is very competitive and there are schools for very rich, middle class depending on how much money you want to spend and what kind of kids you want your kids to grow up with. Main thing is that you have live with friends and people who have same values as you and kids would do fine. Kids will have good time as well, but will take some time to adjust, but will do fine as they will meet similar kids who have returned from USA. You will miss the public libaries which are so good in USA.But you will gain other things like family , parents etc…So it is a trade off.

  38. Dear Friends,

    I need your advise.
    I working for CSC in India and moved to US 3 months back. I have project here for 2 years. Now I decided to move my family.
    I have 2 daughters doing 9th grade and 1st grade. After couple of enquirers for schools, I am in confusion in bringing the kids here. Is it worth bringing the 9th grade kid who is studying in DPS India to US for 2 years??
    After reading the few blogs i am little worried about my elder kid who joins here in 9th grade.
    Please advise.



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