charankanya on June 24th, 2009

All of us, especially those who have been in India for a very short time, need to be extra careful during the Monsoon.  The Monsoon is considered India’s “flu season”, and it is very easy to fall sick.   Since water is a carrier of diseases, one needs to take some extra precautions.

Here are some simple tips, to staying healthy during the Monsoon.

  • Avoid eating out as far as possible.
  • If you must eat out, eat only cooked food.  Avoid uncooked food such as salads, chutneys, etc.
  • Drink only purified/boiled water.  Bottled water is also fine, but ensure that the seal is intact before opening it.  I personally prefer to buy bottled water of reputed companies only.  For eg: Coca Cola Co. sells Kinley Water, PepsiCo sells Aquafina.  Other bottled water I drink is Bisleri and Himalaya.
  • Avoid drinking juices and milkshakes outside.  The blender jars are usually rinsed in tap water, and there will be some residual tap water which will then be in your drink.
  • Avoid ice-creams outside.  The ice-cream scoop again is rinsed in tap water.
  • At home too, wash all your fruits and vegetables (especially those to be eaten raw) in purified water.  Tap water is carrier of many diseases.
  • If your children are very little, and you have just arrived in India, I would recommend using drinking water while brushing their teeth.  This is especially so if they are likely to swallow some water while rinsing/gargling.
  • Mosquitos are definitely a nuisance, and are carriers of disease as well.  Use insect repellent while going outside, especially in the evenings/nights.
  • Install screens/nets on windows and doors.  This will drastically reduce the number of mosquitos that can get into your home.
  • Mosquitos tend to come out at dusk.  If you don’t have screens/nets, then close all doors and windows at dusk for sometime.  Hopefully, you may have fewer mosquitos in your home when you re-open the doors and windows later.

The monsoons are a beautiful time.  Everything turns green and looks clean.  The weather too cools down.  Hope you enjoy the monsoons and stay healthy.

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