charankanya on November 19th, 2009

Christmas is around the corner, and where does one go to buy toys in Pune?  When I first moved here, I sure did miss the huge Toys R Us stores.  However, there are some pretty good places here in Pune where you can get a wide variety of toys under one roof.

Lifestyles (at Kalyani Nagar) has a good toy section ranging from babies to 10 year olds.  The choice for teens is a little limited.

Pune Central (Two locations: Bund Garden Road & University Road), also has a good range of toys.  Their “Happiness Sale” which comes once a year, is a good time to stock up on toys, since many of them are sold at good discounts.

Landmark (Moledina Road, Camp) too has a wide range of toys for all ages, as well as stationery and school supplies.

Toy World (MG Road, Camp) is almost like a Toys R Us crammed into 1/8th the space.  You can most certainly find something for everybody here. They have an awesome collection of toys, especially kits.  Their staff too is friendly and knowlegable, but it helps if you know what you are looking for, since it is very difficult to browse here.

Crossword Book Stores has a decent collection of board games and puzzles.  They also stock Playdoh, Transformers, and few other toys.

Hallmark Stores & Archies Stores have collections geared more towards teenagers.  Both stores have locations on MG Road, Camp, as well as many other locations all over Pune.

If anyone knows of good toy stores in other parts of Pune (Deccan, FC Road, Aundh, etc) please post them here. Thanks.

Happy Shopping.

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  1. Mom and me also has good collection for toddlers and babies. you can visit laxmi road area and find 6-7 big toy shops.

  2. Bonsaii in aundh next to Crossword has a good collection of toys as well

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