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EKansh is a charitable trust that believes that every human being has the right to lead a whole life regardless of their natural disabilities.  It is trying to make the world of the disabled more inclusive, by encouraging restaurants to have menu cards in Braille to trying to have wheelchair accessible ramps in all places.  They have also organised classes to learn Sign Language.

Ms. Anita Iyer, the founder of EKANSH says that:

Our view is that nobody is permanently abled. Pregnancy, infancy, old age, ill health, etc can all bring on phases of disability in everybody’s life. That everything around us is designed with no regard for this fact is indeed sad. Most roads in Pune have no footpaths…to talk of a wheelchair friendly city any time soon would be impractical. But one needs to begin somewhere.

EKansh does not strive to bring the disabled closer to the world…it strives to open up the world for the disabled. We believe that every human being has the potential to shine if given a chance and that we must wake up to the fact that several very intelligent minds have been sidelined because WE as a society tend to focus more on the disability rather than the abilities.

Inclusive education and employment is another   goal we’re working towards.  We have regular brainstorming   and strategizing sessions. Anyone with time, a point of view and willingness to help is welcome to join us. Most of our brainstorming sessions end up being sensitization workshops where each of us learns something new about disabilities and what we can do as individuals and a group.

For 2 ½ years we’ve been organizing workshops in the Indian Sign Language. Children love to sign and they pick up ISL most easily. Our focus is also on teachers, families and friends of children with learning disabilities. Signing   is fun and easily learned by everyone . There is a dearth of ISL interpreters and instructors in India and these are lucrative career options too.

Like all other NGOs, we’re also strapped for funds and welcome contributions. Like minded friends who’d like to volunteer are requested to fill up our contact form on our website

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  1. Thank you for the blog.

    I have the support of a wonderful team which includes Bhakti Karia, my co-trustee, Mona Jacob and Dr. Mrs. Madhuri Sheth, both founder members of EKansh and Atiya Hajee, who freelances for our ISL classes with her brohter Aqil. We also have the constant support of veterans who’ve been fighting for inclusion for a long time in India.

    The team is growing slowly with more people getting interested in the work we do.

    Best wishes for your blogsite…It is warmly personal and very informative.


    Anita Iyer.

  2. Wishing EKansh much success.

  3. Hi, just came across your blog while searching for mother toddler groups in Pune, through the Gulmohar Days Centre for Children link. You have an awesome blog, very relevant and very well written. I could relate to so many things you’ve been through, such as the struggle to find good domestic help, how difficult it is to make new friends, how to chose the right school for your kids. I’ve recently moved to Pune too, even tho I’m not an expat or an NRI and I think your blog is a wonderful resource.
    Look forward to many more posts and success to your blog!

  4. Hi,

    Thought I’d share that we’re having another Indian Sign Language session on 13/14 since it’s a long weekend. Do spread the word.




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