charankanya on February 1st, 2011

Many people I know are not quite happy with the system of schooling in Indian schools.  Everyone grumbles, and apparently there is no perfect school.  I’ve heard of a few people that are opting for the homeschooling option.


There are two homeschooling options that I am aware of.  The first one is the homeschooling system in USA.  If you are here from the US, you can homeschool your child according to the system in the state you are from.   This may involve regular trips back to USA to fulfill the legal requirements of homeschooling.


In India too, you can homeschool your child.  Your child could appear for examinations conducted by the National Institute for Open Schooling (NIOS) or by the IGCSE board.  


Here are links to some articles in the media on homeschooling:


More Parents Opting For Homeschooling, Times of India, January 2010


Homeschooling and Alternative Education in India, Wikipedia


Homework: Comfort of Homeschooling, DNA, October 2006


If you have any information to add about homeschooling in USA, India or another country, please do let us know.



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  1. This article looks quite interesting.
    Has anyone tried homeschooling your kid?

    Is homeschooling in USA possible from India?

    Viewers please share your real experiences.

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