charankanya on August 13th, 2008

When I was deciding to move to India, everyone told me that it will be nice because I will have servants to help me.  I had mentally prepared myself for all the “bad things” of India, so that I could adjust better.  However, the brighter side of things was the servants.  What nonsense!!!!

For the first one year, my biggest reason to move back to the U.S. was the servants.  It was just terrible.  In retrospect, the first two servants I had (that I fired after 6 months each), were the BEST ones I’ve ever had.  But that time was a real adjustment period.

I would get upset or frustrated over either their punctuality or their quality of work, or their whining, or them damaging something I’ve carefully used for many years, or……(the list is endless).  This would translate into irritability and short-temperedness……the receiving ends of which were either my kids or my husband.  More often the kids, b’cos hubby dear could argue back.  Honestly, I haven’t shouted at my kids their whole entire life, as much as I did in the first 6 months of being in India.  And all of it was because of the maid.

So, don’t plan on moving to India if having servants is your biggest attraction.  They are just not worth the hassle.

On a brighter note, I eventually adjusted to dealing with them, and I don’t let them ruffle my feathers that much any more.  Kids and Hubby are happier too.

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