charankanya on July 21st, 2008
So, you’ve decided to move to India. Wonderful! Be prepared to experience some of the best moments and some of the most frustrating moments of your life. But, before you get here……you have to go through all the hassle and stress related to moving. Amongst many other things, you must be wondering what appliances to take with you. There’s the issue of 110 – 220 volts if you are currently in the United States. Well, when I moved a few years ago, I was told by many well meaning people that don’t get too many appliances. “Everything” is now available in India, and of excellent quality. Boy, were they WRONG. I would say, if you currently own it, bring it … fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, juicer, any other big ticket item.
Yes, you get excellent large appliances in India. You will get double-door fridges, you will get Italian, German and Indian made dishwashers. You will get sleek looking appliances. You will get the whole gamut of appliances. BUT: are they worth the price? Are they efficient? Hmmmm….that’s a different story altogether.
Let’s talk about efficient first: I have THE top-of-the-line German dishwasher that was available when I bought it within the last year. It does a great job of cleaning….no complaints against that. But the rack-design for the dishes is rather inefficient. It does a good job of fitting all the plates, bowls, cups, spoons, etc.. But I can barely get it to fit more than two serving bowls, and if I want to fit in any pots/pans then I can’t put anything else in the lower racks. It probably is super efficient when it comes to water/electricity consumption (we compared all the energy-star ratings that were available). But the amount of TIME it takes……more than two hours to run a “light” load, and even longer for a “heavier” load. The middle-line dishwasher I had bought around 8 years ago for roughly $500, while was roughly the same in exterior dimensions could fit in more than double of what I can fit in my current one.
While you will find a fairly mind-boggling choice in washing-machines, here’s the low down on their efficiency: Most of them can barely fit a day’s worth of laundry for a family of four, and the cycle runs for nearly two hours. Yes, larger ones are available, which will easily fit two days worth of laundry for a family of four…..but then you’re looking to shell out upwards of $900. The vast majority of the larger ones are front loading. If you’re used to top-loading, plan on doing laundry twice a day.

I’ll discuss price some other day. My data points may be slightly outdated, since it’s been more than 6 months since I bought all my appliances here. Let me do some more research, so I can give more current information.

And when it comes to fridges…..oh boy, they deserve an entire article to themselves.





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  1. Hi,
    Thanks a great post! Can you please advise on following:
    – I have a Samsung Clothes Washer from United States – any experience on what type of conversion (other than 220 to 110 Volt etc.) to use it in India?

    – I have a Kenmore clothes dryer : same question.. Any experience on how to make it work in India? Any major issues / tips and tricks?

    – Last, but not the least I have double door Samsung Fridge (bought in 2009, so faily recent) : Any experience or issues in using these in India?

    The website is awesome – thanks for all the information!


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