anand on August 20th, 2008

I am an art-collector wannabe. I have been casually looking for original art that I could procure and display, primarily at my home and some at my office. Of course, Indian artists make the most sense due to the price, the themes and the possibility of potentially meeting the artists too.

Visiting various art gallaries in Pune and Mumbai have left me wondering if the art collection boom had already passed my by due to the high prices. Most art I was seeing was upwards of Rs 50,000 and oftentimes many multiples of that. Moreover, I had found only very few pieces that I liked and almost none that my wife and I liked. I realized that when a gallery like Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai displays a painting, the cost automatically goes up a lot.

So, it was a pleasant and welcome surprise when I discovered some sites that list, curate and sell up and coming artists. Some of these websites also list known artists and works including M. F. Hussien, T. Vaikuntham and others. For your viewing and art collection pleasure, here they are:

If you know of other such sites or specific galleries you like in the city, please post your information as comments. I will update this post with that information.

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