charankanya on September 5th, 2008

The following two places offer some of the best thin crust pizzas.  If you love good NY style pizza, then these are definitely the places to go to.  If your idea of good pizza is Pizza Hut type of Pizza, then you’d be better of sticking with one of the other Pizza places.

Ccasanova at Kalyaninagar

La Pizzeria at Koregaon Park

La Pizzeria opposite E-Square

Pizza Hot in Koregaon Park (Not Pizza Hut).  This is a very small restaurant, with mainly outdoor seating.  While the ambience is not the best, it does have some really good pizzas.  You could also take some of your own toppings (such as broccoli) and he will put them on the pizza for you. Tel. No.: +91 20 2613 5662

Other good pizzas can be found at:

Papa Johns at Dhole Patil Road, Tel: +91 20 40077373

The following is a list of other pizza places just FYI:

Pizza Hut at Koregaon Park

Domino’s Pizza

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